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Little Minds in "Amazing World"
 Hello, Everyone! Our school was closed yesterday, because we all got on the bus and went to Machida City to the fun place called "Amazing World". Our field trip started 9 in the morning, we all met at school, and a bus was already waiting. Weather was perfect yesterday, our students and their parents were happy. We started with couple of our favorite summer activities and songs, everyone took part and got yummy snack after that! There was no traffic, so we were at the place very soon. Everybody was so excited, we couldn't wait to get inside and play! We made our reservation in advance, and a nice room was awaiting us, we could leave our things and lunch boxes there. 
Shawn said the magic words : LETS PLAY! and our crew disappeared! We joined them , too. We played and played! We can't even say, who had more fun - students, parents or teachers! One of the day's favorites was a room full of small and big balls, balloons and other stuff. The room itself  was all moving, cause the walls and the floor were soft. We jumped and fell, laughed, stood up again and fell again! Children who even didn't know us were joining and played with us! At 12 o'clock we came back to our room and had lunch all together. Then we played one more hour!!! Nobody wanted to leave, but our bus was waiting for us outside at 2 pm. We had a really great time and all wish to come back again soon.

This month  we will have one more field trip!!! On  August 23 (Saturday) this time we go to Hakejima Sea Paradise. Please, do not miss it! Sign Up Now!!! 

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