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Some more Summer Fun!

Hello, Everyone! The weather this week was giving us lots of surprises : hot and humid, then stormy and rainy and an hour later again sunny, hot and even more humid! 


Today in the morning we decided to bring couple of our centers outside. In front of school we had two groups of students doing water play and experimenting with the goop. It felt nice to do our activities outside, and all of our students got to take couple of gifts home, such as super balls and water balloons they caught in the pool. We came back to classroom and each of our students had a bowl of shaved ice with a favorite topping. We played fun games, had lunch all together, and after that we worked on a beautiful aquarium craft. Everyone got an original aquarium full of cute little rocks, shells and fish of course! Before our last students left we made popcorn for a snack. Everybody was happy!This is our Summer School! And it's all about having fun and making unforgettable memories. Two weeks and two days left! Hurry up and join right now! And let's enjoy this Summer together!


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