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Back to Little Minds!

Hello, Everyone! We are back from our short vacation and all of us are refreshed and ready to have two more weeks of Summer School!
We started our day with our park time! Sandbox was wet after yesterday's rain and sand was perfect for making a mountain and digging a tunnel though it! We did so and our tunnel had a great success!!! Then we got to school, washed our hands and had shaved ice for snack. Later we had two teams doing crafts. Little ones were making a pretty sparkly rainbow fish; big ones were creating little coral reef on a rock!  Many happy faces in our classroom! It's good to be back!

This Saturday (August 23d) we are off to Hakkejima Sea Paradise! It's our second and the last field trip this summer. Only a few seats on the bus are left! Hurry up and join now! 

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